"A Woman’s Journey of Healing & Hope" Virtual Retreat

Releasing What No Longer Serves Us & Living an Inspired Life
Virtual Online Retreat | Sat April 17 – Sun April 18, 2021


Join us for a two day Virtual Retreat on Sat April 17 & Sunday, April 18 as we celebrate the power of women coming together with a shared intention to release suffering and reframe our perspectives.

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About Our Retreats

Our 2 day online journey is based off of our past highly successful in-person retreat and is intended to create a safe place to focus on our deepest desires and connect to what is holding us back from living them. We will be open to how we are divinely led from a powerful place of surrender to accepting “what is” and releasing the resistance that is causing suffering. In the beauty of sacred connection, we’ll come together in community to share laughter and tears as we take a much needed “Retreat” from the world around us.

Who Will Benefit From The Retreat?

Ready For A New Beginning?

Anyone open to new beginnings around loss, such as the death of a loved one, divorce, job loss, empty nest, your dreams, addiction, health, connection or any other type of loss.

Community Support

Anyone who desires community support and love as they explore what they are ready to release that’s no longer serving them.

Retreat Schedule

April 17th – 18th, 2021




Our retreat facilitators will lead you in heart opening talks, musical experiences and experiential exercises giving you practical tools to release your suffering and allow your bliss to flow.

Rickie Byars
Rickie Byars

Guest Speaker

Award Winning Singer / Songwriter, Music Director, Social Activist, Author
Rickie Byars is one of the most acclaimed and beloved singer-songwriters there is in the genre of inspirational/New Thought music. Through her three-decade career as both a solo artist and as a choir director, Byars’ deeply soulful and heart-felt songs of spiritual renewal, uplift and empowerment have struck a powerful chord with audiences around the globe. Live-streamers who take part in her weekly Sunday Devotionals are uplifted through her music and her messages – always delivered with joy and laughter. Rickie has released nine albums over her illustrious career.

She dedicates much of her time to social activism including Voices4Freedom, an abolitionist organization that works to free the 70-million modern-day slaves around the world, Kuumba in Motion, a non-profit educational initiative that helps empower children to discover their inherent figures and talents through exposure to nature, the arts and creative science so that they can continue to humanity and the planet as a whole. For 22 years, Rickie has co-lead Soul Sisters Today, empowering women through workshops, meditations and healing modalities. Rickie is also the Founder of HUBCITY LIVE/ETHIOPIA- MINCHU Project.

Donna & Norma
Donna & Norma

Guest Presenters

Rev Donna Davis RN RScP RM & Norma L. Anderson LMT RScP RM

We teach a positive way of thinking to transform your life using tools that we have collected from great teachers for the past 15 years. We are healthcare workers on the frontlines and are also the proud owners of a Mind/Body/Spirit Day-Spa. We want to be a beacon of light during these times of a global pandemic. As healthcare workers, we have noticed that we who give, sometimes never replenish ourselves. We help the givers of our communities to replenish so that they can give from a non depleted space. We use tools of rest and relaxation to facilitate healing for women, especially nurses. These include, Reiki, massage, facials, health coaching, life coaching, spiritual council, sound healing, even tarot card readings.

Vision: To create a world that works for everyone #CSL

Mission: To enhance lives through personal empowerment.

Motto: The beauty is in the ashes.

Jill Colucci
Jill Colucci

Organizer, Facilitator

Chart Topping, Award Winning, Multi-Platinum Singer / Songwriter

You may not know her name, but you will recognize her voice and her chart topping music.  Jill Colucci is a multi-platinum, award-winning songwriter with #1 hits including Song of the Year “No One Else On Earth” by Wynonna Judd,  “I’m Gonna Be Somebody” by Travis Tritt, and “Anymore” which she co-write with Travis. She has sold over 20 million records worldwide. Jill has sung multiple songs in your favorite films and television shows, numerous national tv commercials, and has entertained America as the performer and writer of ABC’s America’s Funniest Home Videos.  Although Jill’s life was blessed with great success, she experienced what she refers to as “The Lost Decade” where she gave herself over to the caregiver process when she lost her parents, her sister Joni and ultimately almost lost her own life. During this time, her music changed, her heart was opened more fully, and her songs became the vehicle for her healing. Jill’s life is an expression of her triumph over loss and the manifestation of a new path in life. Jill currently travels the world sharing her music and message with all those who have experienced any kind of loss in their lives, hoping to prove that when words fail, music speaks.  

Annie Marie
Annie Marie

Guest Presenter

Soul Guide, Alchemical Healer and Teacher of Breathwork, Reiki, and Yoga

Annie Marie is a soul guide, an alchemical healer and teacher. Annie weaves together a potent blend of Breathwork, Reiki, and Yoga helping her clients unwind multi-layered subconscious blocks on the road to somatic healing.

She holds space for individuals, groups, retreats as well as virtual 1:1 coaching, assisting in transition to a sustainably healthier lifestyle through inquiry, uncovering limiting beliefs, accountability, and tools that have transformed her own life.

A dedicated practitioner of the healing arts for 14 years, Annie’s approach is informed by some of the most well-known heart-led teachers of our time. Her formal training includes 500 hours of training in Anusara yoga and extensive study in Iyengar, Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga. Annie also holds the highest certifications as a Certified Clarity & Rebirthing Breathwork practitioner and Reiki Master.

Annie has lived and taught around the world and is deeply influenced by her many years living abroad in South Korea and Thailand. Her current home base is Asheville, North Carolina.

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Kathy Stringer
Kathy Stringer

Organizer, Facilitator

Entrepreneur, Divine Channel, Administrator of Flow

Kathy Stringer has spent the last 20+ years of her life focused on combining her desire to support and help artists succeed in their chosen career path with her love of music and her inner knowing that the power of music can assist all in creating the life of their dreams.

In 2015 she began co-managing and booking her husband, John Stringer, as he traveled extensively speaking and playing at concerts, colleges/universities, workshops, spiritual centers, churches, conferences, retreats and festivals while sharing his uplifting and healing music and message. Currently she and John own and operate Healing Arts Management where they represent Billboard charting, award-winning, platinum-selling musicians, authors and speakers who are raising the vibration of the world with their passion and message. They also plan and produce many transformative retreats together, including the Conscious Songwriting Retreat which allows conscious & positive music songwriters to come together and inspire each other while co-creating songs through tapping into their inner genius, Expanding Awareness & Intuition Retreats and Women’s Retreats (like this one). Most recently Kathy has been connecting to her higher power to channel messages to share with others called Musings. She has coached and supported many individuals struggling with all kinds of loss (divorce, job loss, loss of connection to oneself etc..) and is grateful to be able to get her ego out of the way and share with others what is divinely intended to love and support.


Guest Speaker

International Best-selling Author, Speaker and Global Leader

RaShawn Renée is a global leader for change and the creator of Real Truth International, an organization that honors, celebrates and educates women to eradicate the dominant thinking and social norms that have marginalized, suppressed and kept women silent for so long.

She teaches women how to excavate, examine and release the conditioning that no longer serves them, while aiding them in discovering more about themselves and design a life where they can be fully seen and know they matter. Her intimate communication establishes another way-of-being that creates a life-of-delight – supported by Self-Honoring Choices –that ultimately leads to inner fulfillment and Whole Self-Acceptance. In brief, she champions women and girls to fully step into knowing their Real Truth and live with Power.

RaShawn-Renée has the distinction of being an International Best-Selling and acclaimed author, her first book 44 Hours and 21 Minutes; A Woman’s Truth and Power inspired the creation of her signature program A Step Into the Grandeur-of-You; an interactive curriculum that teaches how to create a spectacular and fulfilling life. RaShawn-Renée says, “Until you excavate, examine and release the conditioning that no longer serves you, you are simply living a life that’s other than your own.’

Laina Orlando
Laina Orlando

Guest Speaker

Mystic, Author, Speaker, Coach, and Receiver of Transformational Workshops

A modern-day mystic, Laina Orlando simplifies spirituality for today’s seeker of Truth, through her fresh and fun perspective. Laina’s own spiritual awakening inspires her to share the joy, peace and creative flow that is possible, when one truly commits to navigating the path of Self-Awareness. As a mother, lover, sister, friend, author, speaker, coach, dancer and creator of the Awareness Academy, her mission is to awaken humanity to the magnificence within. The foundation of her teachings are found in A Course In Miracles. Laina is very clear that if she can awaken, then anybody can. Her mantra is: Life is fun and easy!

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